Who Is Scott Ott?

Scott Ott, writer, political commentator and public speaker, crafted this guide for winning debates by being winsome. At this site, you can read the draft version of his book, and enjoy blog posts, videos and podcast content to come. Join the movement on Patreon to support Scott Ott’s work, and help to shape the movement. 

To hire Scott as a speaker for your group, please contact Speaker@2WinSome.com, and include your name, group name and purpose, and proposed speaking dates.

To read the chapters on the desktop version of this site, use the dropdown menu at the top left, or the list in the right margin. On the mobile (phone, tablet) version, tap the “hamburger” (3 parallel horizontal lines) in the upper left corner, then tap the down caret (arrow) next to it to reveal the chapter list.

Why Am I Doing This?

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